11 Turkey Brine Recipes to Take Your Turkey to the Next Level

The secret to a perfectly moist and delicious turkey lies in the prep.  Taking extra the time to brine the…

Turkey Brine Recipes

The secret to a perfectly moist and delicious turkey lies in the prep.  Taking extra the time to brine the turkey is well worth the effort.  Since I started brining my turkeys I have never went back.  They always come out so moist and flavorful compared to every other way I’ve tired.  Turkey is such a lean and dry meat that is takes in the flavors of the brine quite nicely.  All you need is a brine bag or a bucket and a little bit of time and you’ll have a turkey that has everyone raving!

beer brined turkey

Yum. The beer lends earthiness and rounded flavors to the bird while also keeping the meat juicy and tender. This turkey gobbles up an entire 6 pack of beer in the making.

Sage & Citrus Turkey Brine

The flavor they give the meat is fairly subtle, but I feel like the real impact is in the skin. A good, well-seasoned brine gives you some of the best turkey skin you’ve ever had.

White wine turkey brine

With white wine, spices, herbs, and citrus, this is seriously the BEST brine for your holiday turkey.

Dry Brined Orange Rosemary Turkey

Dry Brined Orange Rosemary Roasted Turkey is the easy way to brine your turkey with no messy liquid!  Roast it to perfection for a juicy, flavorful turkey with the crispiest skin ever.

Pioneer Woman Turkey Brine

It’s beautiful! It’s stunning! It’s the centerpiece of the whole meal! And here’s the great news: It’s not hard to make at all. Promise.

Cranberry Turkey Brine

Chef Greg Baxtrom of Olmsted in NYC shares his recipe for a cranberry-brined turkey, packing herbs and spices into every bite. After roasting to golden perfection, the drippings are transformed into a hard cider gravy that puts this bird over the edge.

cajun turkey brine

This brine adds a kick of spicy Cajun flavor to your turkey. We think it’s a fun way to make a turkey that’s a little different than normal without going too crazy!

Maple & brown sugar turkey brine

This brine offers a sweet maple flavor and can be used on any kind of poultry and pork. Try it on your holiday turkey, large pork roasts, or weeknight pork chops.

Sweet and Spicy turkey brine

This turkey brine is the perfect combination of spicy and sweet with its concoction of honey, soy sauce and red pepper flakes.

Whole Foods Basic Turkey Brine

Here’s a simple, adaptable brine recipe that will give roasted turkey a terrific flavor base. This produces 1 gallon, which should be adequate to submerge a small turkey (up to 12 pounds). Double the recipe for birds up to 20 pounds.

Alton Brown’s Traditional Turkey Brine

This makes a juicy, flavorful turkey with a pleasantly crisp, brown skin that tastes terrific even without the assistance of stuffing or gravy.

Pro Tip: Don’t have the time to grab all the ingredients in these turkey brine recipes?  Did you know you can buy ready made brine kits that you just add to boiling water:

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