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  1. AT Tremblay says:

    Thanks for the recipe! However, please fix the mg/g weights for some ingredients.

  2. How can dry be 5g if fresh yeast is 6g?

  3. Is it good to store the leftover?

    1. It’s better to enjoy the fresh pizza. If you reheat the left overs, it will be eatable but not tasty

  4. Kristine Huber says:

    Sounds wonderful, silly question, but is this in European measurements because when I convert ml to cups it’s not exact.

    1. Ohh dear, Baking is a science and for that you need to measure the ingredients perfectly.

  5. Hi administrator, You always provide in-depth analysis and understanding.

  6. Thanks for the recipe and instructions. Will this make 6 pizzas? If I want to make only 3 can I just half all the ingredients?

  7. Scott Jones says:

    You are using double the amount of yeast compared to Vito Iaccopelli’s recipe.

  8. Max Power says:

    Step 1 says “300 milligrams of water, 5 milligrams of honey and 5 milligrams of yeast.” It can’t be milligrams. mL maybe, or grams (since 1 gm equals 1 mL). Milligrams would be 1/1000 of a gram. Those are tiny proportions.

  9. Jason Lam says:

    Can the dough be left in the fridge for 3 – 4 days in case dinner plans change?